Logical Fallacies: Gay Marriage

** This is absolutely not my viewpoint this is for a school assignment to write 3 logical fallacies about a subject we DO NOT agree with** *I’m not a monster* *I am FOR gay marriage*


Gay marriage? More like hell no! Let me just explain to you why gay marriage is dangerous for our society; why it isn’t right according to a book written a million years ago, and why only men and women are meant to be together, because our overpopulated planet needs more biological children and infertility isn’t a thing for straight couples anyways. On top of that, allowing two people of the same sex to get married, will affect everybody around them. Ellen DeGeneres once said she asked her neighbors if her marriage to Portia De Rossi was bothering them and they looked at her confused. That confusion was them saying “well of course it does.” I just know it, ok.


If I vote yes on giving the gays their rights one day, the next day I’ll be voting to support people marrying their pets. I’ll be saying that my friends can marry their dogs. My daughter can marry her guinea pig. My uncle can marry his cat. Does this sound right? Is that genuine love? Then the next thing we know, people being allowed to marry their coffee makers, their trash cans and toilets. All because gay marriage gets support. Two men getting married= a fat man can marry his ice cream.


Sound good?


I vote NOT!


As Chuck Norris put it, people like myself, who are against gay marriage, are seen as the devil. Even my 3rd grade level Education allows me to know Homophobic asshole doesn’t rhyme with devil. Duh. As the incredible, and probably closeted, Chuck Norris said,“[I]f I hold to my faith and resist applauding [same-sex marriage], I’m easily cast as some drooling white cartoon bigot of the Jim Crow era, denying black Americans the right to sit at a lunch counter and have a meal with the white folks.” I’m not (that) racist! And I never said I was so don’t just assume that because I want to deny some people the right to love, that I also hate black people! I mean they freak me out a little bit but that is besides the point. And Chuck Norris, the worldwide phenomenon of a human being, and the epitome of macho and a gentleman, is who speaks such sentiments, so obviously I agree. So that means, it’s freaking true. Or we could put it like Bo Burnham put it “why don’t we make same sex divorce illegal then see how badly they want to get married” And he. Well. He is the man. And more than that he wasn’t joking at all when he said that! I’m right, folks. This is how we make America Great Again.

** This is absolutely not my viewpoint this is for a school assignment to write 3 logical fallacies about a subject we DO NOT agree with** *I’m not a monster*


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