Observation Blog


I saw his head bobbing to the music playing in the coffee shop, with the same rhythm as the annoying christmas song, but he was wearing headphones. It was at that moment I realized he had headphones in as a means to tune me out. He would look at his screen for a second, scroll for another second, and then look off into the distance at the shoreline almost visible above the Laguna skyline of small houses that was across the street. I wondered what he was thinking. But it didn’t look like much of anything. He took a sip of coffee and as he swallowed it his head continued to bob to the sound of the music.


He spoke on the phone pacing back and forth and hunched in an uncomfortable position against the edge of the table at starbucks. His leg awkwardly at an angle as he spoke on the phone. Giving advice to somebody, but clearly not all that interested in actually giving advice, but more interested in sounding like he cared because his advice was totally obvious.  When I entered his realm he left, uncomfortable or somehow avoiding me. Annoying, I thought to myself. But this is an observation blog so I’ll notice that he is now hunched over another chair, further from me trying to put on a sweatshirt (annoying frat thing), with one hand. He was wearing a backpack, slightly small. And to say the least, I was glad when he left.


He paced around the kitchen. Opening the fridge, then going into the pantry. “Where are my plantain chips” he says. I realize I’m observing but personally realize, they weren’t mine and I ate them all, so I have to confess what I have done. When I return to observing he continues pacing around the kitchen saying “what can I eat!” then he sits over a chair and puts his head in his hands hunched over. (This sounds dramatic but it’s real.) Then he continues to mumble about not wanting to go anywhere to get food, that he could go to twelve, but “ugh twelve sucks.” Our other roommate yells “shut up.” I giggle and he looks up and slouches over and walks slowly to his room. Now he is saying “I want In-and-out.” He asks our other roommate if he wants in and out and they continue to stir the punch for friday.

(realized that it has to be about somebody that we don’t know so I’m going to write a new one as #4)

4. She sipped her water bottle and looked at her phone repeatedly as a means to avoid doing work. I could tell. Probably only because I do the same thing. She rested her hand uncomfortably under her chin (specifically on her middle finger). She was finally looking at her computer. But then I was able to see the screen– Facebook! What a surprise. She started talking to her friend in a mumble, but her friend was clearly focused, and pushed up her gasses. Her foot was bobbling to an imaginary beat and she shut her computer and took another sip of water.  She looked to the side, then at the sky. And I’m going to shut this down because I feel creepy.


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